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i has been providing scenery videos in 4K Ultra HDR and 1080p Full HD . series of breathtaking Himalayas.And the latest photography technology exploration. more about......

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4K HDR | into the Tibet from Shangri-La

Timelapse of the Himalayas

Tibet Episode II - 4K HDR Dolby Vision, North Himalayas Amazing Nature Scenery

Tibet 4K HDR Dolby Vision | Amazing Nature - Most Beautiful Places

[4K] Everest Khumbu District, photos of the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal

Annapurna South Range



Rolwaling Range in east-central Nepal, Melungtse I AND II in Tibet, Gaurishankar on the border. Nangpa La pass Crossing country borders.



the high altitude Tibetan Plateau in northern Tibet. most area on the naqu, ngari,and mountain gangdise..

Pakba Monastery

Pakba Monastery

Pakba Monastery, one of the monasteries built to guard border towns, was built by King Songtsan Gampo for Princess Bhrkuti from Nepal. Its architectural style is mainly in accordance with the format of Nepali temples in tibet.

Rongla Kangri Range

rongla kangri

Rongla Kangri Range with Kanti Himal.snow mountain peak located the mugu and jumla distric in nepal. a pass route border between nepal and tibet.



it's a located within the historical Tsang province of Tibet.

Purang Area


Burang County is called Purang in Tibetan, and the county capital is also known as Purang in Tibetan and Taklakot in Nepali.

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